About us

For over forty years serving the laboratory

Artiglass has an extensive experience in distributing articles and equipment for laboratories, with a particular focus on glassware and instrumentation.
Founded in the 1980s as a small family business specializing in glass processing, the company has evolved over time to become a reference point for industry professionals, thanks to the dedication and passion of the Baccarin family.
The desire to grow, along with the high expertise achieved and solid knowledge of the sector, have allowed us to strengthen our leadership in the marketing of laboratory instruments, consumables, chemicals, and furnishings.
Artiglass today is an established reality, employing around 50 employees, operating from a headquarters of over 2000 square meters, and partnering with international companies across various industrial sectors. Over 240 satisfied clients attest to the quality of our work.

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A partner for all your laboratory needs

Our catalogue stands out for the variety of products, ranging from consumable materials to high-precision equipment. We collaborate with the best manufacturers in the industry to ensure our customers receive quality products and attentive, precise customer service.

Our team is always available to assist customers in selecting the most suitable products and to support them throughout the purchasing process. We also provide efficient and timely after-sales service.

With over forty years of experience, a wide range of high-quality products, and impeccable customer service, we are able to provide everything needed to meet the professional needs of the laboratory.

Our strong company values


We offer highly precise products, manufactured in compliance with relevant regulations and according to high quality standards to ensure safety and reliability.

High satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our work. We constantly invest to provide efficient and cutting-edge solutions.

Progressive growth

Our goal is to establish the Artiglass brand increasingly as a benchmark in the glass processing industry worldwide.